Product: Turning


The MEGATURN NEXUS 900 CNC Vertical Turning Center excels in heavy-duty cutting of large, low to medium profile, tough-to-machine workpieces. Perfect for parts found in Aerospace, construction, and other industries requiring heavy metal removal for materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and other alloys.

Plus, the machine comes equipped with the Matrix Nexus 2 CNC Control, which features both Mazatrol conversational and EIA-ISO programming. Anyway you look at it, MTN-900 provides an excellent means to improve your throughput and profit potential.


  • Powerful, rigid, high-torque integrated main drive motor/spindles
  • Maximum part loads of 6,614 lbs. (including chucks)
  • Drum turrets for rapid tool indexing
  • Available automatic tool changing systems
  • Optional 2-pallet changers


Specification 中心距 -
加工能力 最大回转直径 1000 mm / 39.37 in
最大加工直径 920 mm / 36.220 in
最大加工长度 800 mm / 31.500 in
主轴 卡盘尺寸 15 in
最大转速 1250 rpm
电机功率 (30 分钟额定) 30 kw / 40.0 hp
上刀塔 刀具数量 12
进给轴 行程(X轴) 470 mm / 18.50 in
行程(Z轴) 876 mm / 34.49 in